02/26/23 The Spam Allstars Miami Collins Park!

Spam Allstars Group Shot

February 26/ Celebrating Mardi Gras featuring the Spam Allstars – Collins Park 5-7 (pop/soul, funk)


The Spam Allstars Miami have been at it for 20+ years.  What began as DJ gigs with some added instruments and special fx between tours as a guitar player, DJ Le Spam will be the first to say he never anticipated this evolution of the band.  The early days included hilarious spoken word records, mixed with a variety of instruments, and the lovely scent of Spam frying live on stage as a special snack to share with his non-vegan guests. Two decades later this band has a core group of musicians that have been performing an average of 150 shows per year, across the US and some very special trips to Europe, Canada, South America and South Africa.  They held a weekly residency at the legendary Little Havana club called Hoy Como Ayer every Thursday for 15 years which attracted every from Good Morning America to the NY Times, a variety of celebrity appearances, and numerous musical special guests sitting in. This is where the band has shed the most and forged what many have called a new Miami sound.  The band describes it as an electronic descarga…a jam session if you will…because in the beginning it was completely improvisational. As time has passed the songs have evolved, recordings have been captured, and the sound took on a different form which is a distinct blend of Latin, funk, and electronic music.  This electronic descarga is a reflection of the musicians and their cultures, training, and musical influences.

The driving force behind the music is the band’s founder and leader, Andrew Yeomansona/k/a DJ Le Spam.  Born in Montreal, and raised in Toronto, Bogota, London, and Tampa…Andrew has always had a passion for music, history, and tinkering.  His early love was heavy metal, and with a British father and a Venezuelan mother, he was raised with a variety of cultural exposure which peaked his interest musically.  He began playing guitar and collecting vinyl, and his musical tastes grew in different directions.

The current line up also includes Tomas Diaz on percussion (Cuba), AJ Hill on sax (Miami, FL), Chad Bernstein on trombone (Chicago, IL), Jose Elias on guitar (Dominican Republic), and Magela Herrara on flute (Cuba).  These musicians have contributed significantly to the bands sound and attitude.  They each have played in multiple projects over their careers, and continue to pursue their individual passions, but week in and week out they are Spam Allstars. Other musicians that perform/record with the band (now or in the past) include Aaron Lebos on guitar (Miami, FL), Ted Zimmerman on trumpet (Houston, TX), Papacho Savon on congas (Havana, Cuba), Steve Welsh on sax (NY,NY), John Speck on trombone (Seattle, WA), and Adam Zimmon on guitar (LA, CA).

Spam Allstars have recorded six albums and released them independently. The first two releases were limited editions and fairly experimental – Pork Scratchings and Pigs in Space.  Their third CD – Fuacata Live – was nominated for a Latin Grammy.  This came as a huge surprise as it was recorded from a show at Hoy Como Ayer during their weekly residency.  The magic was captured, the playing was unique, and people wanted more.  Their fourth CD – Contra Los Robotics Mutantes –  was their first studio recording and done so at City of Progress, DJ Le Spams recording studio.  Their fifth CD – electrodomesticos –  was also a studio recording and included special guests Pee Wee Ellis (JB Horns, James Brown), Page McConnell (Phish, Vida Blue), John Medeski(Medeski Martin & Wood, Mad Skillet), and Martin Perna (AntiBalas, Ocete Soul), and more.   Their sixth album, Trans-Oceanic, was released in March of 2017.