02/28/20 Celebrating Brazilian Carnaval! Paulo Gualano’s Brazilian Latin Sounds Co.

Paulo Gualano’s Brazilian Latin Sounds Co.

With cool opening sounds from DJ Alex, and a new parking lot on 224 23rd and Collins! Paulo Guano’s Brazilian & Latin Sounds Co. provide’s top quality entertainment and brings wonderful Brazilian & Latin flavors to any event with their professional and talented entertainers. Need a dramatic touch? How about something from another country? Event is 4-7 pm.

Artscape Carneval Flyer

Set the atmosphere with the sounds of a Brazilian or Latin orchestra and dancers, a Jazz ensemble, or maybe some beach music. Paulo Gualano and his Brazilian & Latin orchestras and shows have performed for many prestigious companies and important people, such as:

  • Bill Clinton at the Summit of the Americas (James L. Knight Center, Miami)
  • Fernando Collor de Mello (Former Brazilian President)
  • Compaq Computers (Cancun, Mexico)
  • Microsoft (Miami Beach Convention Center)Artscape Carneval Flyer