Postponed Due To COVID 19 – Celebrating Hispanic Heritage! The Jose Fajardo Jr Orchestra

Latin Jazz Miami

CELEBRATING HISPANIC HERITAGE: THE JOSE FAJARDO JR ORCHESTRA… As the son of the legendary leader of the Cuban orchestra Fajardo y sus Estrellas and “Flute King” Jose Fajardo, Jose Fajardo, Jr. has stood the test of time as a musician, bandleader and now singer. After more than 35 years of experience in the music industry, and after countless shows, Jose Fajardo, Jr. continues to maintain his father’s legacy and spirit alive. Jose Fajardo, Jr. has performed alongside or recorded with some of the best and iconic Latin artists and musicians of all time.

Some of these artists/musicians are, Jose Fajardo (his father), The Fania All-Stars, JohnnyPacheco, Larry Harlow, Orchestra Broadway, Azuquita, Alfredo De La Fe, Tipica 73, Oscar D’Leon, Jose Alberto (El Canario), La Sonora Matancera, Johnny Ray, Grupo Imagen, Luisito Carrion, Pedro Jesus, Cano Estremera, Edgar Joel, Johnny Almendra, Tito Puente, Sheila E., Nino Segarra, Cachao, and many others. He has also had the opportunity to travel with many of these artists to places such as Africa, Mexico, Canada, France, Martinique, Guadeloupe, St. Martin, Germany, Russia, Holland, Colombia, Peru, and Ecuador as well as throughout the United States.

In this time, he has had the honor to perform on TV programs such as “SIEMPRE EN DOMINGO”, “EL SHOW DE ROLANDO BARRAL”, “EL SHOW DEL MEDIO DIA”, “ACCESS HOLLYWOOD”, “PRIMERA EDICION”, “SALSA EN LA CALLE”, “EL SHOW DE FERNANDO HIDALGO” to name a few. He has performed in some of the largest venues, including but not limited to “Madison Square Garden”, “LINCOLN CENTER”, “HOSTOS CENTER FOR THE ARTS AND CULTURE”, “LEHMAN CENTER FOR THE PERFORMING ARTS,” PLAZA DE TORO (Colombia), CALLE OCHO FESTIVAL in Miami, Fl. and many other such venues.

After the untimely death of his father in 2001, Jose Fajardo, Jr. has been the director of the orchestra created by his father in 1949 and has changed the traditional sound of charanga music to a larger salsa sound for all generations.